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Car-abram jade was founded in 1978. Its mission was to stake nephrite claims, located on Federal land in Central Wyoming, mine top quality nephrite, and have it carved into artifacts. The pictures of our product are proof of our success. The corporation is currently in possession of claims capable of producing over 100 million cubic feet of top quality nephrite. As you can see its color is unique and its potential for carving is exceptional.

Our KUAN YIN carving (above) adorns the cover of Lapidary Journal in 1984. It took six weeks to carve because of the intricate detail that was put into this piece. It was carved from a ten pound piece of raw jade that had quartz (white) embedded in the rock. It is a good example of the fine quality of jade that has been extracted from our mine. This piece is typical of the artifacts that come from China.

About Jade

Jade is the gem name for mineral aggregates composed of either or a combination of two minerals; jadeite and nephrite. Jade is one of the toughest minerals known because of the intertwined nature of individual crystals. Wyoming nephrite is characterized by very dense interlocking of fibers, rendering it free of cracks and impurities. Its colors range from light apple green to the darker shades of spinach and black.

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