About Our Company

The company was founded in 1978 when Dr. Carlton acquired a deed to a Wyoming jade mine.  He then took on an associate, Steve Abramowitz, offering him a half share in any profits if he could locate the mine and find jade there. So it happened, and with a handshake, a friendship and company were born. The following summer gave rise to a mining operation which netted 3,700 pounds of top quality nephrite.

The mining process has been changed over the years. Originally mining consisted of blasting sections of the mountain and removing chunks containing nephrite. It now consists of driving a hydraulic wedge between the rock and the nephrite causing the rock to fracture, while leaving the nephrite intact. The boulders are then loaded in the bed of a 4X4 Pickup and transported from the mountain to a paved highway where it can be transferred to trucks for transport anywhere. Mining can be done from May to October, which is when the mountains are free of snow and ice.

Several factors make this a favorable time to own a Wyoming nephrite carving. Wyoming jade is unique in its color and consistency, and polishes to make a beautiful artifact. Supplies of the coveted Chinese jade are dwindling, making their carvings rare and very expensive. There is little, if any jade mining taking place in the United States. (This makes the United States an open market for art objects whose time has come.) Trade agreements between the United States and China make carvers more accessible and the Chinese market an excellent location for sales. The fact that Jade is considered a good luck stone for all Chinese people should provide billions of people with a new alternative and make Wyoming jade the wave of the future.

Our corporation is looking to expand into the jewelry and carving marketplaces.  We are interested in forming a partnership with jewelry and carving experts to enter into a joint venture of high line jewelry and carvings.

About Jade

Jade is the gem name for mineral aggregates composed of either or a combination of two minerals; jadeite and nephrite. Jade is one of the toughest minerals known because of the intertwined nature of individual crystals. Wyoming nephrite is characterized by very dense interlocking of fibers, rendering it free of cracks and impurities. Its colors range from light apple green to the darker shades of spinach and black.

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